Prevail Chux

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23.50 LBS
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Prevail Chux are an absorbing pad designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces from wetness. These pads are specifically designed for use with pressure relieving therapy beds but can also be use on regular beds. The pad is 23"X36". 

Comes in a case containing 10 bags. Each bag has 15 Chux.


  • Feature a soft,yet strong cloth-like top sheet w/a flat seal around the pad there are no plastic edges exposed to the skin
  • Air Permeable Underpads
  • Specifically designed for use w/pressure relieving therapy beds,the absorbent core locks in the fluid,maximizing the air therapy benefit
  • All Prevail & First Quality Underpads feature an Integra Mat or bonded construction that reduces top sheet separation & clumping