Tranquility ATN Pull-up

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12.00 LBS
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Tranquility's top rated pull-up for ultimate wetness protection. 
  • Soft, cloth-like fabric with tear-away sides
  • Kufguards along the leg cuffs for extra leakage protection
  • Absorbency
    Available sizes:
    S 20.3 oz absorbency (CUP) 80 pull-ups per case
    M 34.0 oz absorbency (CUP) 72 pull-ups per case
    L 34.0 oz absorbency (CUP) 64 pull-ups per case
    XL 34.0 oz absorbency (CUP) 56 pull-ups per case
    XXL (XXXL) 34.0 oz absorbency 48 pull-ups per case
  • Heavy Absorbency, 2X-Large, fits waist 62"- 80"